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Updated: May 20, 2023

This is one of those questions I get asked ALL the time.

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference and even I change it up sometimes. I love to apply my moisturiser and primer with my hands. It’s really great to do this with your skincare as the warmth from your hands really melts it into the skin to create a really hydrated and flawless base because like I always say….your foundation is only ever as good as your base!

However with foundation I shudder at the thought of applying with my hands! (there are exceptions to this) There is nothing like a really yummy fluffy brush buffing that creamy foundation into your skin to achieve that even finish. If you have been thinking about changing it up and investing in some brushes here are a few things I would look for and reasons why.

Firstly think about what you actually need them for, there is no point spending $120 on a set of 10 brushes when you might only use 4 or 5. Instead I would think about your makeup style and how many products y

ou use. This will help decide what is the best value for you. Makeup brushes range from your budget $2 shop eyeshadow pad “brushes” (you know the ones im talking about, the ones that came in your Mums makeup compact that you used to steal as a kid) To MAC Cosmetic brushes that range between $30- $120. The difference is all in the quality and how it is made. I personally have a big range in my kit and Yes, I loooove MAC brushes but now MAC exclusively only makes synthetic brushes.

What’s the difference between natural hair and synthetic brushes you ask?

Well, apart from the obvious different fibres the way I think of it is natural haired brushed (sourced naturally) are great for areas of the face you want to be soft and diffused (think a soft blush) and areas that you really want blended. Meanwhile synthetic brushes are great for placing product ontop of the skin where you really want it packed on like a glitter on your eyelid for example. Unless you are or have desires to be a makeup artist I really believe going for the middle of the road range is absolutely fine. Things like a damp beauty blender is great in place of a foundation brush aswell.

Have a play and see what wo

rks best for you! There are no rules. My tips from buying brushes is do your research, read reviews. Decide on a budget and shop within it. You can get some really great affordable options like Morphe brushes available at or Zoeva brushes at .

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