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If you follow me on Instagram you will see I love to try out new skin care and really look after my skin. I do mix up my products from time to time as there are just so many on the market that I adore but at the moment I am really loving this routine and it seems to be helping keep my skin hydrated and looking radiant as we go into the cooler months.


GlamGlow Bubble cleanser

This everyday cleanser is my absolute staple and one that I can’t see ever changing (Big call, I know) My skin has never felt cleaner and It leaves me with an actual glow immediately after!

My skin is more on the dry/dehydrated side, but this would also be good for the more oily skin types as it really does give you such a deep cleanse. Vegan, Paraben free and alcohol free so you won’t be left with that tight & dry feeling after use


Tailor Skin Polish

This is an ammmmazing mask helps reduce breakouts and brightens skin. I love the super fine texture that really feels like its getting into those hard to reach places and leaves my skin feeling fabulous!

It can be used a couple of times a week to help shed that sluggish top layer of skin and refine pores but ALSO as a weekly mask or spot treatment. This baby is NZ made, Cruelty free, vegan and eco conscious (Also available in store at Farmers NZ)

SERUM – (Morning)

Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum

This lightweight serum is gorgeous to apply underneath moisturiser to help reduce the appearance of pores, brighten and refine the skin.

It comes as a dropper applicator which I love because it cuts down over pouring and you can always squeeze back any excess into the bottle. just simply squeeze desired amount into hands and rub into face and neck then sit back and enjoy the results. NZ orders available at


Good Molecules Silicone-Free Priming Moisturiser

This 2 in 1 beauty has quickly become one of my absolute go- to’s. Its super thin and creamy texture means it is great for all skin types, with Macadamia seed oil and Shea butter it completely nourishes the skin and leaves it feeling plump and hydrated ready for makeup application.

Please note this moisturiser doesn’t have an SPF so you will need to add a sunscreen after use and before makeup.


The ultimate in luxury! The smell alone had me sold. This beautiful rich cream almost melts into an oil when warmed up in the hands before massaging into face and neck. Possibly the most hydrating cream I have ever had with scents of roses, beeswax and sweet almond oil you will struggle to not apply this over your whole body! I have noticed such a change in my skins hydration and plumpness not to mention how much it has minimised the look of those wonderful fine lines….Highly, HIGHLY recommend.


Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fades dark circles and under eye bags – Need I go on!? This cream has a slight pink tint which I find really helps to fight those pesky shadowy looking under eyes. As with all Lancôme products the beautiful cream texture just melts into the skin and adds instant hydration. Use sparingly and apply with your ring finger to ensure gentle pressure on that delicate under eye skin.


The holy grail of hydration sheet masks! When I discovered this beauty, I couldn’t believe my luck, It is packed with so much yumminess that it literally transforms your skin into a juicy, hydrated, plump and radiant beast. You feel like you have fad a facial from a professional. Tired, hungover or dull looking skin? No problem. Slap one of these guys on for 10 mins and watch the transformation happen.

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